Electricity Offers

Enel Simplu Online Rez

Billed price: 0,68 lei/kWh

Applied for monthly consumption of 0-100 kWh.

Billed price: 0,80 lei/kWh

For a monthly consumption above 100.01 kWh, but below 255 kWh and for customers with monthly consumption between 255.01 and 300 kWh, for the first 255 kWh.

Billed price: 1,30 lei/kWh

For a monthly consumption between 255 kWh and 300 kWh, only for the consumption that exceeds 255 kWh, as well as for full-domestic customers the monthly consumption of whom, at the consumption place, is above 300 kWh.

About the capped price 

Between 1 January 2023 and 31 March 2025*, all our customers pay a capped electricity price. The final billed prices include the electricity component, as well as all regulated taxes, including the VAT. Find out more here

*According to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 27/2022, as amended and supplemented. 

Also, the e-bill is enabled by default at execution of a contract 100% online.

With the MyEnel account, you transmit your index online, and MyEnel App sends notifications during the submission period.

The offer is valid until 31 March 2024.


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