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Save time and enjoy many benefits with MyEnel App.

Our services are designed for your everyday comfort. With MyEnel App you can easily manage your electricity or gas contracts, ask for assistance whenever on any issue and dive into the PPC world, directly from your mobile phone.. 

To have access to the customized information that the app can make available for you, you need to update it to the latest version available in  Google Play StoreAppStore or AppGallery. For other mobile devices, we recommend you to access from browser.

Here's how you can use MyEnel App to your advantage:

Make sure you have enabled notifications in your phone settings, then configure notifications of your choice in your MyEnel Account to stay up to date with all the information in the app. You can select which push notifications you want to receive: notification when the bill is issued, for the index submission period, of the due date of the bill, or information about prior notices and bill payment confirmation.

Access the Index section to submit your energy usage every month for Bucharest and county of Ilfov, or every two months for the other regions. You can submit the index including for meters with several dials and, moreover, estimate your consumption based on historical data. Also, here you can see the last electricity index submitted and the last billed gas index.

For any of these distributors: Distrigaz Sud, Delgaz Grid, Progaz, Premier Energy, Gaz Est and Gazmir, you can submit the index very easily in the Index section. All you have to do is to enter consumption in cubic (cubic meters). This will be converted into a consumption in kWh when the bill is issued. 

Every month, you can compare your consumption or track how it evolves in the dedicated sections: Istoric consum (Consumption History) and Compară consumul (Compare Consumption). 

In Istoric consum (Consumption History), you can see the Period, the Old Index, the New Index and the Quantity. You will also notice that there are several types of readings, namely: 

- Self-reading – when the reading is done by the customer 

  • - Reading – when the reading is done by the distribution operator 

  • - Estimated – when the supplier or distributor makes an estimate 

  • - Agreement-based estimate – the agreement is granted by the customer at the time of contracting (how much they think they will use) 

Go to the section Facturi și plăti (Bills and Payments) and pay your electricity or gas bill securely, at any time of the day, from wherever you are, for one or more consumption places. You can select which bills you want to pay. The total is automatically updated in the app. Moreover, when you make payment from your MyEnel Account, this is confirmed forthwith. Good to know: When you do not complete the online payment, i.e. you don’t go through all the steps required for an online payment, you need to wait for 15 minutes until you can commence a new online payment from your MyEnel Account. For both successful payments and abandoned payments, you will receive a confirmation email with the payment status. This email is sent by

Compare and view the last 12 issued bills and keep track of the payments made.

Under the column Preavize (Prior Notices), you will find all disconnection information you received.

You can always check out the amount of the bill you want to pay in the section Sold Rapid (Quick Balance), without authentication, or you can help your loved ones find out how much they owe. All you need to do is enter in the Payment Code of the consumption place for which you want to find out the up-to-date balance, without authentication. The payment code can be found on the first page of your bill. 

Discover the closest point in the Magazine (Stores) section where you can locate a dynamic map of all our stores.

In the sections Gaze naturale (Gas) și Energie electrică (Electricity) you will find information about our most attractive offers. You can make a quick choice of the offer that best suits your needs, and contract it online in 3 simple steps. 

You can add all the consumption points you own to MyEnel App, so that you can then manage them more easily. Under the column Locuri de consum (Consumption Places) of the category Contul meu (My Account), you will find a + that opens a dialog box where you can link a new consumption place entering your Customer Code and Payment Code; this information is written on the first page of your bill.

You choose how to pay your bill: either save your card details or enter the information every time you make a payment. Whatever your choice, payment is full secured. Check out the section Facturi și plăți (Bills and Payments) in the App, as well as on the web version of MyEnel service.

You can name each saved card so you can easily differentiate them. You can also delete your card data by accessing My Account – My Cards. PPC does not collect data and does not have access to your information, so the payment is made safely. Our payment processor only stores your option to use this card for bill payments to PPC Energie Muntenia SA or PPC Energie SA.

In the section My Account, you can: 

- modify your contact data, enter/change your phone number or email address 

- change your password 

- add or delete consumption places  

- add or delete cards for bill payment 

- enable the service Factura Electronică (e-Bill) 

- enter/change your phone number or email address 

- set the notifications you want to receive, for instance: index submission, bill issue, registered and confirmed payments, special offers and promotions from PPC

- set the types of promotional messages you will receive from PPC. 

Go to the column Factura Electronică (e-Bill) and choose to receive your bill by email or text message, on its very date of issue.  

You can do this very easily if you check the button Activează (Enable) and then accept the Terms and conditions for provision of the services Correspondence and e-Bill or Bill by Text Message.

In the section Oferte (Offers), you can find all the details about the purchase of our products (benefits, available models, offer request form) 

 Thus, in each section of the App you will find the information you need, without having to go to one of our stores to find it out.

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