We bet on green

A promising future for Romania's renewable energy sector

We are leading the sustainable energy race. Through our dedicated renewable energy company, we produce wind and solar energy that reaches homes, institutions and businesses across the country.

“As of October 25, 2023, the Enel Green Power company's assets went into the portfolio of Public Power Corporation, founded in 1950 and listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Enel Green Power Romania S.R.L. became from this date PPC Renewables Romania S.R.L. Public Power Corporation is a leader in the energy sector in Southeast Europe, reaching 8,7 million customers. It puts sustainability at the heart of its operations by committing to align with the 2050 climate neutrality goals and improve the energy sector in Southeast Europe. ”

Enel Green Power Romania was founded in 2007 and opened its first wind farm, Agighiol, in 2011. Following its success in positively transforming the local energy sector, EGPR built seven more wind farms in Romania during 2011 and 2012, with a total installed wind capacity of 498 MW. At the same time, EGPR has so far installed 5 photovoltaic plants to harness solar energy.

The most recent solar park, Lumina, inaugurated in July 2023, in Călugăreni, Giurgiu county, has an installed capacity of 63 MW and provides an annual electricity production of approximately 99 GWh, making it the largest photovoltaic plant in the company's photovoltaic portfolio to date.

Our company has thus reached a capacity of approximately 100 MW of its photovoltaic parks, and a total installed capacity of approximately 600 MW of wind and photovoltaic power plants in Romania.

To date, we have already invested €1.13 billion in the renewable energy sector here, helping to make Romania a world leader in renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Our activity

When you drive through the coastal region of Dobrogea in eastern Romania, you don't expect to see a large wind farm. Hidden from view, one of the most advanced green energy production facilities also remains one of the most mysterious.

Both the wind farms in Dobrogea and the Coronini wind farm in the mountainous south-western region of Moldova Noua, along with solar farms in the south of the country, play a key role in our ongoing efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Working at the forefront of the green energy revolution

The following videos offer a rare insight into the day-to-day life of the teams who have to make sure parks run smoothly. We go behind the scenes to give you a better idea of how wind energy works.

The first video reveals, in stages, how a large-scale solar farm was built. The second video focuses on one of the wind farms in Dobrogea, while the third uses drone technology to provide breathtaking footage of the Sfânta Elena wind farm and the picturesque region in which it is located, in the Moldova Nouă region, taking you to an altitude of 100m above sea level.

You can watch the unexpectedly adventurous work of an annual maintenance operation as you accompany the team as they take a 10-minute lift to the top of a turbine.


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