The electronic bill makes your life easier

There are so many new ways to use our energy - with Enel you gain more time to do whatever you want, whenever you want. With Correspondence and Electronic Invoice you have more time for yourself and for the things you love.


More specifically, Correspondence and Electronic Invoice means?

  • More secure - You will receive the invoice by email on the date of issue and you will not be left with the care of losing it on the road or lost in your neighbor's mailbox;
  • More time for you and your family - the invoice is available from the time of issue and you no longer have to wait for the postman;
  • All the information in the same place - you can access all invoices issued in the last 12 months at any time of the day. From now on, you can more easily control your electricity consumption;
  • Care for the environment - more trees and less pollution.
  • You no longer have to print it - you will have the barcode on your email and you will be able to go anywhere to Enel or any Enel partner to pay for it.
  • You will receive MyEnel Card.* You pay with him without invoice to Enel's trading partners;

Activate your Correspondence and Electronic Invoice and enjoy multiple benefits.

*To benefit from a MyEnel card, all you have to do is to contact us at 0800 07 08 09 and send us your request.



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