Find out the main information regarding the cookie policy of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). 


The cookie is a small-size text file that a website saves in the User’s device (computer, laptop, tablet or phone) when the User accesses a website. Due to cookies, the respective website may retain the User’s actions and preferences for a certain period of time (for instance: language, character size, colour, data regarding the authentication and other display preferences). Thus, the User does nor need anymore to reintroduce such information whenever he returns to the website or navigates from one page to another. Most websites do this.

This file is NOT a virus or a spyware, malware, web bugs or hidden identifiers file type and does NOT access any documents or information stored on the User’s devices.


These files ensure the proper functioning of the site, as well as a pleasant navigation experience for the User. Furthermore, the cookies are used within certain anonymous agreed statistics helping us to understand the way in which the user uses this website, so that we could improve its structure and contents, excluding the personal identification of the user.

Therefore, we inform you that the Website uses cookies to provide you the best possible experience, and only the cookies that PPC considers to be necessary and useful shall be used.

This website does not use any cookies to collect personal information, however, its use may allow the establishment of connections between the information contained in a cookie and the personal information of the User collected by other means (for instance, the registration forms).


  • Strictly necessary cookies: These are essential cookies that allow the User to browse this Website and use its features (for instance: graphics, design, colors). These cookies do not collect any information about the User, which could be used for advertisement or to record the activity of the User on the internet. The list of strictly necessary cookies can be found here.

  • Performance cookies: These are cookies that do collect anonymous information about how the User uses this Website, for instance, which are the most visited pages, and/or whether the User faces any error messages. These cookies do not collect any information which could identify the User, all the data collected/processed by these cookies are anonymous, being exclusively used by PPC or on behalf of PPC. Performance cookies are only used to improve how this website works. The list of performance cookies can be found here.

  • Functionality cookies: These are cookies that record the choices the User makes (such as: preferred language, font size) and provide the User with customized Website usage features. This information concerns strictly this website, and may not track/check other websites that the User visits. The list of functionality cookies can be found here.

  • Flash cookies: These are cookies used to store the User’s preferences, such as the volume control, high game scores or display of contents based on what the User could have previously viewed on the website. Flash cookies are different from other cookies used on this website due to the manner in which the data is stored. The cookie management tools offered by your browser will not remove Flash cookies. The list of Flash cookies can be found here.

  • Marketing cookies – These are persistent cookies that track the User's online activity and help advertisers deliver more relevant advertising or limit the number of times the User sees an ad. These cookies may share this information with other organizations or advertisers. For instance, these marketing cookies may be transmitted to advertising companies to make the advertisements that the User sees more relevant to them, to allow the User to share certain pages on social networks, or to allow them to publish comments on the website. The list of marketing cookies can be found here.

These categories of cookies are classified either as temporary (“session cookies”), or on longer term (“persistent cookies”).

"Session cookies" record the User's actions during one single browsing session on this website. This browsing “session” starts when the page of the website is open and ends when the web browser is closed. Practically, cookies are deleted forever when the session ends.

"Persistent cookies" are cookies that are stored on the User's device until these are deleted, or reach their expiry date. These cookies are stored for a longer time and are automatically enabled when the User accesses a certain website again. The persistent cookies may provide information regarding the number of visitors/users of a website, an average time spent on a certain web page, the performances of a website, etc. Even if these cookies have a long life, they may be erased at any time on the User’s devices by changing the settings of the Browser used.

A third classification of the cookies is made depending on their source: "primary cookies" or "third party cookies". Primary cookies are cookies created by this website, while "third party cookies" are created by a website, other than the target one. This Website may only allow the use/installation of "third party cookies" by website previously approved by PPC.

The information related to the cookies used on this website shall not be used for your personal identification. In addition, we control the data related to the preferences of the navigation User. Cookies are not used for any other purposes than described above.

The activation of cookies shall not be strictly necessary for the operation of the site, however, it may improve your navigation experience. You may erase or block the cookies, however, if you do this, it is possible that certain features of the site could not operate properly.


By accessing the links below, you can view all the types of cookies placed by the

  • The list of strictly necessary Cookies can be viewed by pressing here.

  • The list of performance Cookies can be viewed by pressing here.

  • The list of functionality Cookies can be viewed by pressing here.

  • The list of Flash Cookies can be viewed by pressing here.

  • The list of marketing Cookies can be viewed by pressing here.

If, while browsing the Website, you decide to access also the Website's subdomains, namely and, please refer to the lists below for the types of cookies placed by the Website's subdomains:

*Some of these cookies are managed on behalf of PPC by other companies, but we do not allow these companies to use the cookies for other purposes than the above-mentioned ones.


The User may control and/or delete the cookies as they please, and may also set up most browsers to block cookie placement of. If the user carries out these blocking/erasure actions of the cookies, it is possible that the user will be forced to manually set up certain preferences each time when he/she accesses the website. Also, some services or options may not work.

Next, we recommend you certain links regarding the management of cookies (for instance, to deactivate or delete them) depending on the browser used:

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



For more information about cookies, you may access any of these pages:

  • Useful information about cookies can be found accessing the website

  • The guide for the behavioral advertising and Internet confidentiality produced by the advertising industry on the Internet: available at the address


Yes, it does. PPC also uses tracking technologies (“IP Addresses", “Log files", “Web beacons"), in order to gather certain information, such as the type of browser and the operation system, the reference page, the navigation on the website, the ISP field, etc. for the purpose of improving the use and functionality of this website and to better understand the manner in which the visitors use the website, as well as the provided tools and services. The tracking technologies help us adapt the website to the User's needs.

We may track the Internet Protocol (IP) for (among other things): (i) technical troubleshooting, (ii) to maintain the safety and security of the Website, (iii) to restrict the access to our websites for certain users, and (iv) to better understand how our websites are used. An IP address is a number that is used by computers on the network to identify your computer every time you connect to the Internet.

PPC (or a third party previously authorized by PPC) may collect information in the form of Log Files registering the activity of the website and collecting statistical information about the navigation methods of the Users. These inputs are anonymously generated, and help us to collect (among others) (i) the type of browser user and the operation system, (ii) information about a certain user’s session (such as the URL on which they came from, the date and time when they accessed the website, pages on our website which he accessed and for how long), and (iii) other similar navigation data or click-stream. This information, may also be collected in the log file for our internal marketing and demographical studies, so that we could constantly improve and customize the online services that we provide to the Users. Log files are used only internally and are not associated to any given User.

There is the possibility for PPC to use beacons (or clear GIFs) on this website or to include them in the emails sent to users. Web beacons (also known as “web bugs”) are small rows of code providing a method to deliver a graphical image on a web site or in an email message for the purpose of transferring data back to us. The information collected through web, the beacons may include certain information described in the above section of the IP Address, as well as information about the manner in which a certain user responds to an email campaign (for instance, the time frame during which an email is open, where the user of that email enters, etc.). PPC uses the web beacons information for various purposes, including, but not limited to reporting website traffic, the number of unique visitors, of email advertising and audit and reporting, as well as customization.

PPC reserves the right to make any amendments and corrections of this document. Any amendment of this document will be displayed on this page so that you are aware of our policies. Therefore, we recommend the Website visitors to regularly check out and read PPC's cookie policy to be updated about the potential amendments of this document.

This document was updated on November 6, 2023

Date published: August 8, 2022



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