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Energy in your rhythm!

Because there is life after work, we've created a subscription with a lower-price for electric energy during the night and weekend, exactly when you need it most.


  • Price stability for 12 months
  • Lower price during the night and weekend
  • Multiple payment methods

Building a more sustainable future.

Enel is leading the way for sustainable energy, delivering hydro, wind, solar and biomass power to 16 countries across 4 separate continents. In Romania we've already installed 8 wind and 4 solar farms, meaning more of our energy is coming from renewable sources than ever before.


But it doesn't stop there. Through innovative products and services, our customers are directly involved in the on-going sustainability effort, adapting their homes to meet the demands of today's world.

Enel Asistență

All inclusive assistance for emergency situations

If a water pipe just broke in the middle of the night and you do not know how to turn it off or you have a shortcircuit in your electric panel and you do not know who to call, Enel Asistenţă is the service you need.

Managing your energy, day to day


Lighting your home

Switch from incandescent bulbs to reduce the size of your energy bill. Our carefully selected range of market leading, energy-efficient products allow you to light your home for less.

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Lei saved every year


Beyond energy

10-year-old Dragos lives with his family in the picturesque region surrounding the town of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. Here, his parents run a popular bed and breakfast, attracting hundreds of visitors every year, eager to enjoy the local beauty spots and unforgettable walks. Despite his young age, Dragos, enjoys performing the role of host, sharing tips with the guests and offering help wherever possible.

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