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Your continued use of the SITE constitutes your unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these general conditions, please stop accessing this site and contact us using the contact data in the section of the SITE entitled “Useful contracts”.

All users of the website (hereinafter referred to as "the SITE") agree to abide by its general terms of use. The SITE implicitly refers to all services/applications/products/information and in general to all its content.

The phrase “ENEL” refers to the following electricity distribution companies:

- ENEL Energie S.A., Romanian legal entity, seated in Bucharest, sector 3, Bd. Mircea Voda, nr. 30, etaj 6, camera 6.8, sole registration number 22000460, J40/12303/2007;

- ENEL Energie Muntenia S.A., Romanian legal entity, seated in Bucharest, sector 3, Bd. Mircea Voda, nr. 30, etaj 5, camera 5.3, sole registration number 24387371, J40/14506/2008;

- At the same time ENEL includes companies and entities held by Enel Spa in its ownership of at least 50%.

Art. 1. Obligations of the User

1.1. The User agrees to use the SITE only for lawful purposes and in good faith. In this respect, the User is strictly prohibited:

  • to send or create harassment, discriminatory, slanderous, fraudulent or threatening messages, including offensive messages regarding the race, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, national origin, disability, ethnic origin, sexual identity or any other feature protected by law and which may be deemed as discriminatory;
  • to send, access or store any offensive, obscene materials or communications as well as any other information which violates the applicable legal provisions;
  • to distribute any confidential information in an unauthorized manner;
  • to cause or favor the information security breaches and/or interrupt the communication in the communications network belonging to ENEL;
  • to carry out any activities which could jeopardise the security of the SITE (cyberattacks);
  • to infringe any right protected by the copyrights, trade secret, patent and/or other intellectual property rights, as well as any other similar laws and regulations due to the registration, copying, sharing, lending and/or reproduction of the SITE, etc.

1.2 The user undertakes not to carry out any actions which could prejudice ENEL.

1.3 The payment of all additional costs in relation to the use of services made available to the Users through the agency of the SITE, including those which the telephony or internet service provider could request, shall fall within the responsibility of the User.

1.4 The User undertakes to immediately notify ENEL about (i) the non-observance of these general conditions, (ii) any infringements of the intellectual property rights related to the contents of the SITE, as well as about (iii) the use for commercial purposes of the materials available on it, in the event where the User has knowledge/information regarding these situations. Complaints can be submitted using the contact details in the "Useful Contacts" section of the SITE.

1.5 Persons without legal capacity and/or with limited legal capacity may use the SITE for information purposes only and not for the purpose of registering as a User. This rule shall also apply in the case of processing of personal data operations. By accepting these General Conditions of use of the SITE, the User states in his own responsibility that he has full powers.

Art. 2. Disclaimer of liability of ENEL

2.1. Use of the SITE is at the User's own risk. The SITE is made available to the User on an "as is", "as available" or "as available" basis. ENEL shall not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, suffered by the User as a result of the use of the SITE.

2.2. The User is solely responsible for any damage caused to the access terminal (e.g., but not limited to: laptop, tablet, smartphone, computer) from which the SITE is accessed, as well as for any other loss of data that may result from the use of the SITE.

2.3. The User agrees to exempt from liability and not to bring any proceedings against ENEL both in relation to any claim lodged by a third party, resulting from the use of the SITE and/or of the communications network of ENEL and of the internet by the User, and also in relation to any loss (direct, indirect or of a different nature), costs, actions, proceedings, claims, costs (including the legal fees) and/or other liabilities, suffered in any way or directly caused by ENEL as a result of the violation or disregard of these conditions by the User.

2.4. ENEL's obligations in relation to the SITE are governed exclusively by the agreements under which the content of this SITE is delivered and/or provided. No material or information on this SITE shall be construed as altering the commercial agreements to which ENEL is a party.

2.5. ENEL reserves the right to modify at any time, and without prior notice, the content of the SITE, (including but not limited to: materials, services, prices, offers, etc.), the User declaring that he/she expressly accepts this clause. Changes made in this way are deemed to be tacitly accepted by the User if he/she continues to use the service after their posting on the SITE.

2.6. ENEL does not guarantee the accuracy of the content of the SITE. This SITE may contain references to products, programs and/or services that are no longer current. Additional information on products, programs and services currently available may be obtained by using the contact details in the section of the SITE entitled "Useful Contacts".

2.7. ENEL shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered as a result of accessing or using the available information on the SITE which is proven to be inaccurate.  

Art. 3 - Intellectual property rights

3.1. ENEL owns all intellectual property rights relating to the entire content of the SITE, including but not limited to: the description of the services, images, competitions and extractions, music, digital graphics etc. By the continued use of this SITE, the User expressly states that he has taken note of the fact that all the stylised representations, all logos and associated symbols and combinations thereof with any word or graphic symbol, used on this SITE, are registered trademarks of ENEL and/or the companies within Enel Group.

3.2. ENEL allows the visualization and download of the materials on this SITE exclusively for personal, non-commercial use and only subject to maintaining in these materials all the announcements related to copyrights and/or other announcements regarding the intellectual property rights present in the materials on the SITE.

3.3. Shall be strictly forbidden, for example, but not limited to the amendment, reproduction, display, carrying out or public distribution, lease, lending, use, selling of the materials on this SITE, as well as the creation of certain materials derived using the contents and/or the form of the SITE. The use of these materials on another site and/or in any networked computer environment is prohibited.

3.4. The non-observance of any of these general conditions shall automatically result in the cancellation of the right to use the SITE, as well as in the destruction/immediate return by the User of all downloaded and/or printed materials and the payment of damages.

Art. 4. Security

4.1. The user understands that the services are available through Internet – a network which is not under the direct or indirect control of ENEL. Nevertheless, ENEL makes all efforts necessary for maintaining the information security and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the data security and the availability of the application.

4.2. In addition to the above-mentioned, ENEL recommends to the User to permanently verify the security policies of the browser used, as well as the terminal used to access the SITE, so that it contains an installed and updated software against any kind of viruses or external attacks of the cracking or hacking type.

4.3. The user undertakes to deliver valid data and information and communicate any variations which occur, in due time.

4.4. The User understands that the access to certain functions of the SITE may be restricted and accessible only for certain categories of Users.

4.5. The users affecting the security of the ENEL systems or of the networks or endangering their integrity shall bear the (criminal or civil) consequences established by the applicable legal rules into force.

Art. 5. Connection with other networks/sites/links

5.1. It is possible that the SITE may be used by the User to find out various information displayed on ENEL, to link to other networks or websites around the world, and the User agrees to abide by the policies of use valid in those networks or websites. The User accepts the state of fact that ENEL does not control these sites, is not responsible and does not assume any obligation regarding the content of other sites, links, etc. At the same time, ENEL recommends the User to carefully read the privacy policies of any and all external sites.

5.2. Any inclusion of links to other sites or networks is only made to help the User and does not involve the support/confirmation of ENEL regarding the available material on or through those sites/networks and any association with their controllers. The user accesses those sites/links solely at his/her own risk.

5.3. ENEL does not guarantee that services or materials provided by third parties are acceptable and available in any area of Romania. If the User accesses other content or services from other operators' websites, ENEL is not responsible for the User's failure to comply with local laws and/or other regulations in force in those countries.

Art. 6. Personal data processing

6.1. ENEL assures the User concerning the keeping of the confidentiality of his personal data and the compliance with his right to the private life protection, all during the performance of the activities of processing by ENEL of the User’s personal data.

6.2. The User's refusal to allow the processing of personal data means that it is impossible to provide certain electronic communication services and to make the SITE services available and ENEL is exempt from any liability in this regard. If the User does not consent to the processing of personal data under the terms of this article, the User may contact the contact details and correspondence addresses mentioned in the "Legal" section.

6.3. ENEL may use the information recorded on the SITE, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical data, for the purpose of administering User accounts, resolving User queries, improving the SITE and increasing User satisfaction. When using any of the applications made available to the User, the User has the opportunity to express his/her consent to the conditions of processing of personal data concerning him/her.

6.4. The User is required to maintain all personal data supplied on this SITE updated. ENEL reserves the right, at successive periods of time, to recommend you or even to expressly request you either the reconfirmation of the personal data supplied on this SITE, or the renewal of the consent regarding the processing of personal data.

6.5. The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the section “Legal”, which shall be an integral part of these general conditions.

Art. 7. Force majeure

ENEL does not assume any responsibility for the impossibility of complying with the obligations provided for in these conditions, as a result of any other reason beyond its control, including, but not limited to any acts of God, adverse weather conditions, action or inaction of the government, of other networks or of other competent authorities for which ENEL is not responsible.

Art. 8. Applicable Law

8.1. These general conditions of use of the SITE represent, in whole, an agreement entered into between yourselves and ENEL having as subject-matter the use of the SITE.

8.2. By accessing this SITE, the User agrees that this contract and any dispute related to it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania, and the User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Romania. This website can be accessed from anywhere on the territory of Romania and abroad (in other countries), as far as technical conditions allow. ENEL does not give any guarantee that the WEBSITE is subject to the laws (including intellectual property laws) of other countries outside Romania. If the User accesses the SITE from outside Romania, he/she does so at his/her own risk and is solely responsible for compliance with the laws of the territory in which he/she is located.

Art. 9.  About the cookies used on the SITE

9.1. This is to inform you that the SITE uses cookies.

9.2. Any User can configure their browser to reject cookies. Disabling and refusing to receive cookies may make certain sections/pages impractical or difficult to visit and use.

9.3. Storing cookies on the User's devices provides us with an easy and convenient way to personalize or enhance the User's experience on the SITE and make the next visit more enjoyable. ENEL does not use cookies to collect personal information (e.g., but not limited to: surname, name, identification data, etc.), however, due to the IT technologies used, connections can be made between the information contained in a cookie and your personal information collected through other means (e.g., but not limited to: registration forms).

9.4. For any additional information, please access the “Cookie policy” section

ENEL reserves the right to make any changes and corrections to this document. Please consult this page from time to time to review this information.

This document was updated on 25 May 2018

Date of publication: 25 May 2018.


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