We are dedicated to our ambitions: limiting climate change, smart cities, access to green energy for all.


We accelerate the most creative and advanced ideas to improve people's lives. We are not afraid to make mistakes.


Our work is based on transparency, we build strong relationships with our partners and customers, we communicate openly.


We overcome obstacles and find ways to do things more efficiently, with more impact. We believe in change and opportunities.

People of Enel

Enel companies in Romania work with people of great diversity, at the beginning of their journey or with a lot of experience, with unique passions or career focus, who develop their skills in different roles, with the help of the internal mobility that we encourage. Read the stories of the "People of Enel" series and see the videos that put the spotlight on some of our colleagues, from various business areas. 



How to listen to the unspoken words: Andreea Nicu's story

Andreea Nicu, our colleague in the Customer Relations department, believes that barriers disappear if we are open to listening

Discover our colleague's story
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The story of Mihai Vangu

Mihai Vangu has very high pressure on his shoulders. Why? Read the story about our colleague in E-Distribuție Banat.

Discover our colleague's story


Your benefits

When you become our colleague and work for one of the Enel companies in Romania, you will enjoy many advantages. The benefits package is constantly updated. Here are just a few:


Financial bonuses on various special occasions.


Additional paid leave entitlement for length of service.


Private medical care, including psychological counseling.


You have access to training, coaching, internal mobility for new roles.


You get to work with both local departments and colleagues in other countries.


You can work partly from home even when there is no sanitary emergency.

Get to know us better!

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Globally, the Enel Group has operations in 32 countries on 5 continents and has more than 69,000 employees. We are the company that leads the transformation in the field of energy, relying on technology and partnerships, an open-mindedness which we have relied upon in designing Open Power. That's what we see when we look in the mirror, we hope you see us the same when you join our team!

Our goal is to accelerate sustainable progress. For this purpose, we encourage the participation of everyone: from start-ups, to universities, to authorities, to each customer. Of course, our colleagues have a key role to play here! What sets things in motion is their passion for a bright future, in which access to energy and its sustainable use contribute to a healthier planet and more prosperous communities.

You should know that Enel, globally, has several branches: maybe you only know us as a supplier of electricity and natural gas (with 70 million customers worldwide!), but this is not our only line of business. We also have energy distribution operations through electricity networks, which means that we deal with the infrastructure of increasingly modern and digitized equipment through which energy is transferred to homes, factories, hospitals and so on. We were the first to introduce the smart meter in Europe on a large scale - in Italy. We are also leaders in another line of business, the generation of green energy, Enel Green Power being the largest private producer of renewable energy in the world. Finally, Enel X is the latest creation of the group and represents the division of innovative services for customers who want to capitalize on the opportunities brought by the new energy paradigm - electric mobility, energy efficiency and autonomy, energy flexibility solutions.

Yes! And do you know why? Because it is ambitious and embraces change! With a clear direction to support the energy transition and to be a sustainable company model, it has also taken actual and systematic steps to contribute to this tectonic change that the energy industry is currently going through. These actions - internal organization, business development, investment, procurement, capitalization of technology and innovation - complement each other harmoniously and produce effective results in terms of ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance) performance, for which we are recognized.

The Enel Group in Romania is one of the largest private investors in the energy field, operating in electricity distribution and supply, renewable energy and innovative digital solutions in the energy field. The Group entered the Romanian market in 2005 it currently services 3 million customers.

It is an extraordinary opportunity to work in the energy field in this age of energy transition, and together we have the chance to contribute to certain goals in Romania, such as decarbonisation trough green energy, electrical mobility, energy efficiency, circular economy, innovation, digitalization, all these complying with the principle of creating shared value, together with the communities which we serve.

The Enel Group in Romania brings together over 10 companies through which we carry out our activities on several levels.

Energy supply. Enel Energie is, together with Enel Energie Muntenia, one of the supply companies, being part of the Enel Group in Romania. The two companies offer both electricity and natural gas supply, as well as added value services (such as assistance services, lighting fixtures, air conditioning, heating plants, energy efficiency solutions etc.) for our customers that we accompany at every step of their development.

Energy distribution. E-Distribuție Companies within the Enel Group in Romania operate electric networks with a total length of approximately 130,000 kilometers in three important country areas: Muntenia Sud (including Bucharest), Banat and Dobrogea, covering one third of the local distribution market, and develop an investment program to improve services and network safety and performance, and also to implement Enel Group's environment standards locally.

Green energy generation. Enel Green Power is the company within Enel Group in Romania specialized in the generation of wind and solar electricity from renewable sources. EGP is the most important green energy producer in the country (having an installed capacity of 534 MW and an annual production of approximately 2% of the electricity national production) and operates wind farms in Caraș-Severin, Constanța and Tulcea counties and PV power stations in Prahova, Giurgiu and Dolj counties.

Innovative energy services. Enel X România represents, together with Enel X Mobility Romania, a new direction in the activities of Enel Group in Romania. This business line focuses on developing innovative products and digital solutions in the industries that are most transformed by energy, in particular for electrical mobility and for energy efficiency. Intelligent technologies, innovation, digitalization, circular economy are only a few sustainable means through which we help our customers discover new methods of using energy.

Internal support services. Enel Servicii Comune is, together with Enel Romania, one of the companies in the Enel Group in Romania designed to support the core business lines. They both support the activity of all other companies in the group by communication, human resources, financial, IT, legal, institutional affairs, sustainability functions and many others.

Enel companies have offices and employees in Bucharest and in the counties of Arad, Caraș-Severin, Călărași, Constanța, Giurgiu, Hunedoara, Ialomița, Ilfov, Timiș and Tulcea. We are also present nationwide through our network of stores.

We are proud of over 3,000 colleagues in the country. One could say they would become a corporate employee when joining our team! As such, you will benefit from the career opportunities that a large company has to offer. We are not a highly hierarchical company, which facilitates communication and decisions. The leadership style we encourage is one based on empathy and inclusion, on cultivating the talents of each colleague, the confidence that the team and each member will achieve results, without the need for command and control. In terms of horizontal organization, in specialized departments, the challenge is to balance specialization with integration. One of the tools we use to encourage interdepartmental collaboration in cross-cutting projects is the agile way of working.

Join Enel and you will have the opportunity to try a new role after a few years, because we encourage internal mobility. We have internal "job fairs" and we offer coaching sessions to colleagues who are thinking of changing their career path.

Our intranet is a whole universe of information about Enel's global activity and a source of opportunities: maybe you want to work in another country, maybe even on another continent! The platform brings together articles, courses, policies, procedures, competitions dedicated to colleagues or their children and integrates specialized applications (in Enel we have many applications!) - for feedback, for development and others.  

At Enel, we really appreciate the innovation, openness and curiosity that the candidates show in the discussions we have with them. At the same time, we look closely at their ability to adapt to the new, their concern for delivering results and the way they work together as a team.

Learn more about the people we want to build a sustainable future with

We have an internship program in progress in which we have already involved over 50 interns in all lines of business, and their number will only increase! The duration of the program is 6 months, and interns may be offered employment in one of the company's departments. 

Learn more about how we support you at the beginning of the road

Follow our job posting platform for the entire Enel Group and apply directly, after creating an account. You will also find these job postings on specialized recruitment websites, such as eJobs, BestJobs or HiPo. For the most recent job postings and interesting news on Enel's activities in Romania, check out our LinkedIn page, we are quite active!

We encourage an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion, starting with recruitment and continuing throughout your development journey with us. The Enel team is made up of people from different cultures and with a different career path, as we believe that the best way to grow, perform and innovate is to learn from each other.

Diversity and inclusion have become sustainability indicators that are monitored at the level of the entire Enel Group, when preparing our sustainability reports.

Learn more about our diversity and inclusion activities.  

Enel is a space for learning and exploration, open to new ways of working. Agility is one of them. We promote agile principles, we are concerned with developing the skills of our colleagues in this regard, so we have had many dedicated trainings in recent years and we approach more and more diverse projects using the SCRUM methodology. Our goal is to carry out more and more agile projects in the future and to infuse agile principles into our day-to-day business.

Sustainability is the watchword for Enel and refers to both the environment and people. Every year, our vision for sustainability becomes more ambitious and optimistic and is based on electrification (increasing access to energy in communities), green energy (decarbonising energy generation), equitable employment and development opportunities (Enel as an employer and as a trainer of future energy specialists), encouraging entrepreneurship and scaling up innovation (did you know about our ideas competition platform Open Innovability?) and many more.

In the global context in which all forces are needed to minimize global warming and the resulting climate change, we have been committed since 2015 to contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals. We are focusing in particular on goals 7, 9, 11 and 13, where we can have the greatest impact given our business profile in the energy industry and the development of the cities of the future, having as guideline the Open Power philosophy, a philosophy of collaboration. In recent years, we have increasingly linked our group's performance to certain sustainability metrics, and even investors now have a way to bet on our results in this area through bonds linked to sustainability goals.

Read more in the latest Enel global sustainability report.

Enel, through its more than 10 companies operated in Romania, has relations with residential customers, with companies and with public customers, and we treat them all with the outmost respect. We put the customer at the center of our business: all colleagues are aware that their work is ultimately reflected in the quality of our services and in customer satisfaction, which is why we always work to make things more efficient. If you join our team, that's what we expect from you!

If you wanted to apply for a job on our platform and you encountered difficulties, please contact us at Use this address only if you have a technical problem or if you need more information about a job/program for young people, our colleagues will answer you. Do not send your CV by e-mail, the recruitment process is managed through the platform only.

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