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Enel Simplu Anual, the best price!

Are you preparing for summer?

Air conditioning in equal installments!

Are you preparing for summer?

Air conditioning in equal installments!

Are you preparing for summer?

Air conditioning in equal installments!

Together we're improving energy for Romania

More than a half of Enel's online customers in Romania now choose to receive their bill electronically.

Over 1400 trees in Romania were saved in 2017 alone thanks to paperless billing.

That's enough oxygen to support approximately 3000 people for one whole year.

Our energy

Powering Romania in more ways than just one

Who we are

Enel in Romania

In Romania, the Enel Group serves 2.8 million customers through its supply and distribution network, while Enel Green Power owns and operates renewable generation plants.

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In 2017, more than 500,000 people joined Enel on the free market.

Gas Offer

Enel Gas - same supplier, other energy

Now, it's simpler to have electricity and natural gas. To meet your needs, we launched Enel Gas Offer.

For business offer
For homes offer

A net installed capacity of more than 89GW


According to Art. 61 paragraph 13 of the Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, the residential clients using their eligibility right has the right to return to the regulated market.


Every day we write the story of energy

Have you tested Enel's online services? We made everything simple for you.

We have digitalized many of our services for those over 3.1 million customers who have placed their trust in us.

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Entrepreneurship, a source of social change and economic growth

Entrepreneurship is not only reserved for those who want to make a profit above all, but also for those who want to have a social impact above all.

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#EnelFocusOn New York - Clean Energy for Clean Future

Both the private sector and each individual can make concerted efforts to stop carbon emissions, together with NGOs and activists.

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“Uite, barza!” [Look, a stork!] - together for biodiversity

In August, white storks left for Africa. After the flight drills that kept them busy at the beginning of this month, chicks set out on their first trip in their lives.

Play Energy and the spark in children`s eyes

Curious about our visit to the `Neagoe Basarab` National College in Oltenita? We invite you in the backstage of the award ceremony of the two winning teams within the 2018 edition of the PlayEnergy contest.

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Enel Green Power

10 years in the backstage of green energy

We continue the 10-year anniversary of Enel Green Power together with the people who took part in the construction of the company`s first wind plants in Romania.

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